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Hall №3


Conference "The Secret of Popularity of icoone"

Organizer: Inomedis 



10:00-10:30  “Icoone's popularity secret”

Anastasia Cavallaro (Italy) , icoone® Export Manager (i-Tech Industries).

International Business Development Specialist.

10:30-11:30 New Opportunities and Results for Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Clinics

Maria Trifonova (Ukraine),

Cosmetologist, endocrinologist, founder of the TRYFONOVAMD clinic.

Co-owner of the MEDIHUB clinic network.


11:30-12:30 Icoone technology - perfect body correction with complex results. The secret of youth multi-microstimulation.


Dr. Maria Kapitanyuk (Ukraine) , Doctor of aesthetic medicine, certified trainer in hardware cosmetology in Ukraine. Trainer of hardware techniques of icoone® companies (i-Tech Industries).



Break (lunch)


14:00-15:00 “Effective service matrix. How to build an upselling system by increasing the average check”

Olga Haynovskaya (Ukraine) , Salon management business consultant, practicing international business coach. Trainer No. 1 of the international award "Stella International Beauty Awards" in the nomination "Best business consultant in the beauty industry".

Author of the books "Successful business in beauty", "How to increase the profitability of the salon", "Scripts, checklists and business processes". Books published

in Ukrainian, Russian and Bulgarian.

Co-founder of the international network of beauty salons "Fast Line Studio"

Co-founder of the company "DUSO" Ukraine.

Co-founder of Proxy Beauty Romania.


15:00-16:00 “Modern technologies for recovery, aesthetic procedures and post-operative rehabilitation”

Gabriele Grodyte (Lithuania)Cosmetologist.Lecturer of hardware techniques and skin care.

Trainer of hardware techniques from icoone® (i-Tech Industries), Venus Legacy®, Venus Bliss® (Venus Concept), Primelase®, Cooltech Define® (Sinclair).



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