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The largest collection of conferences and educational events for beauty industry professionals in the Baltics. Takes place on a regular basis since 2007.


Traditionally scientific congress programme is accompanied by the innovation lounge - a mini expo where our partners get an opportunity to connect with proffesionals of the beauty industry in the Baltics.


At the heart of the congress —  Baltic Anti-age symposium.


Our speakers are experts at the forefront of this industry, who have extensive experience in presenting their knowledge and engaging audience.


SPA Assembly — the haven of masters in massage and knowledgable experts of SPA-methodics. You will learn how to correctly remove fatigue and tiredness, make corrections of the body, and to heal progblems with locomotor apparatus amongst other useful insights.


Make-up Academy helps practicing makeup artists to be up-to-date  on the latest fashion tendencies, provides new techniques and products reviews that improve the work of a makeup artist.


Nail care lessons at the Nail School provide new and contemporary designs, seminars on manicure and pedicure as well as a lot of other exciting and specialised technical knowledge.

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