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19-20 June 2023


Krasta st 60

Riga Latvia

The largest collection of conferences and educational events for beauty industry professionals in the Baltics since 2007.


ABOUT Intelligent Beauty Congress
of Aesthetic Medicine

What is Congress of Aesthetic Medicine Intelligent Beauty ?

The INTELLIGENT BEAUTY CONGRESS is a combination of events such as lectures, seminars and masterclasses, for the beauty industry professionals. The Congress will host the Baltic Anti-Age Symposium, NewTrends & Health Technologies Forum, Conferences for estheticians and beauticians , Seminars for Beauty Salon Managers.

The Congress brings together experts from different countries encouraging international communication and the development of professional communities around science.


The Congress invites as lecturers specialists with a strong professional reputation who are ready to openly, honestly and informally share their knowledge and skills.

Scientific programme of the congress

The scientific program is lead by distinguished doctors, renowned scientists and practitioners - each one of them is an industry expert.
Congress provides an up-to-date overview of the latest scientific discoveries affecting the development of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.

During 14 years the congress had

6,270 beauty industry professionals
490 speakers - international experts
340 partners - ambassadors of brands represented on the European market