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ABOUT Intelligent Beauty Congress
of Aesthetic Medicine

What is Congress of Aesthetic Medicine Intelligent Beauty ?

The INTELLIGENT BEAUTY CONGRESS is a combination of events such as lectures, seminars and masterclasses, for the beauty industry professionals. The Congress will host the Baltic Anti-Age Symposium, NewTrends & Health Technologies Forum, Conferences for estheticians and beauticians , Seminars for Beauty Salon Managers.

The Congress brings together experts from different countries encouraging international communication and the development of professional communities around science.


The Congress invites as lecturers specialists with a strong professional reputation who are ready to openly, honestly and informally share their knowledge and skills.

Scientific programme of the congress

The scientific program is lead by distinguished doctors, renowned scientists and practitioners - each one of them is an industry expert.
Congress provides an up-to-date overview of the latest scientific discoveries affecting the development of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.

During 14 years the congress had

6,270 beauty industry professionals
490 speakers - international experts
340 partners - ambassadors of brands represented on the European market

Features & Benefits


Scientific directors Dr. Tiina Orasmye-Meder and Dr. Kristina Azaryan meticulously select speakers and monitor the quality of presentations.


A  variety of events take place during the congress including reports, workshops, demonstrations, presentation areas and methodological reviews, and of course discussions.


Informative participation of sponsors is controlled, any sponsored presentation is of practical value, information on sponsorship is provided openly.


At the Congress the items or methods presented have to have scientific backing of the claimed effectiveness and, most importantly, safety approval.


Here you can find new beneficial contacts and friendships, find out about new projects, brands and methodologies. This is an ideal platform for networking.


There are certified diplomas for the participants of the congress programmes which gives an opportunity to earn TIP points.


Dr Azarjana Kristina (Latvia) MD Scientific Supervisor, dermatologist, specialist in aesthetic medicine.

Scientific Supervisor

Dr Tiina Orasmae-Meder (UK) Scientific Supervisor

Scientific Supervisor

Dr Egor Kolodchenko (Ukraine) Scientific Supervisor

Scientific Supervisor

Dr Dina Mihailova (Latvia) Scientific Supervisor

Scientific Supervisor

Dr Ludmila Stavro-Freiberga (Latvia) Scientific Supervisor

Dr Udi Maor (Israel), M.D.Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr Oksana Skytalinskaya (Ukraine) Nutritionist, founder of the Longevity Academy Dr. Skytalinska. Vice President of the Association of Dietitians of Ukraine.

Dr Aleksandr Uskov (Estonia) doctor of laser medicine

Dr Olga Rymarenko (Ukraine) Dermatologist, cosmetologist and trainer in laser and injection techniques in aesthetic medicine.

Anna Rymarenko (Ukraina) Psychologist, speaker, expert in ethical communications and beauty marketing.

Dr Gyte Grigonyte-Babayan (Lietuva) Plastic surgeon

Denis Karelin (Belarus) Dermatovenereologist, candidate of Medical Sciences, certified trainer and international speaker.

Katia Levit (Israel) General Director for sales and development of the company "InMode". Expert in equipment for beauty centers and plastic surgery.

Dr Evgeniy Sivka (Ukraine), Dermatovenereologist, cosmetologist, trainer and expert in laser equipment in cosmetology and dermatology.

Olga Khainovskaya (Ukraine), Salon management business consultant, practicing international business coach.

Dr Maris Krumins (Latvia), Certified plastic surgeon

Dr Maria Khomich (Ukraine) Dermatovenereologist, expert in machine technologies. Trainer at InMode.

Dr Phillipe Hamida Pisal (UK), Dermatologist, the President of The Society of Mesotherapy of the United Kingdom (SoMUK)

Dr Kristine Kalninja (Latvia), Dermatologist

Dr Mariia Kapitaniuk (Ukraine), Doctor of aesthetic medicine, certified trainer in hardware cosmetology in Ukraine.

Dr Antonio Campo (Spain), Dermatological doctor

Dr Anna CEBROVSKA (Spain), MD, cosmetologist

Maria Trifonova (Ukraine), Cosmetologist, endocrinologist, founder of the TRYFONOVAMD clinic. Co-owner of the MEDIHUB clinic network.

Gabriele Grodyte (Lithuania) Cosmetologist. Lecturer of hardware techniques and skin care. Trainer of hardware techniques from icoone® (i-Tech Industries), Venus Legacy®, Venus Bliss® (Venus Concept), Primelase®, Cooltech Define® (Sinclair).

Anna Kašina (Latvija) psychologist

Ms.C Svetlana Shabalina (Latvia) Master of Science in Chemistry, Cosmetics, ITEC certified teacher. Founder and co-owner of the Beauty School BEAUTY SCHOOL.

Anastasiya Cavallaro (Italy) icoone® Export Manager (i-Tech Industries). International Business Development Specialist.

Dr Olga Zenkevich (Italy), doctor of aesthetic medicine, specialist in injection and laser techniques, official Fidia trainer

Dr Tatyana Shalagina (Ukraine/Netherlands), molecular biologist, cosmetologist.

Dr Tatjana Averjanova (Latvia),dermatovenerologist,

Mg. sc. sal. Jeļena Pavlova (Latvia), Certified Nutrition Specialist Master of Science in Nutrition, Specialist in Low FODMAP Diet Application, Specialist in Lifestyle Modification and Non-Medicated Wellness (Health Coach

Dr Rima Balanaškiene (Lithuania), Dermatologist

Dr Aiva Pakule, (Latvia), Chief physician of the FICD PRF Clinic

Dr Gurnam Virdi (UK), Certified plastic surgeon, Global Key Opinion Leader on PCL technology

Dr Agnese Ruskule (Latvia), MD, PhD

Dr Sylwia Lipko-Godlewska (Poland), MD, PhD

Dr Elena Panova (Latvia)

Alena Syailev-Modebadze (Estonia), Physiotherapist, massage and physiotherapy methodologist

Anna Marcjasz (Poland). Cosmetologist. Arkana Cosmetics and Beauty of Science trainer and teacher.

Anna Marcjasz (Poland), Cosmetologist. Arkana Cosmetics and Beauty of Science trainer and teacher.

The general sponsor

Meder Beauty Baltic

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The Congress is supported by 

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